Each education conducted is evaluated using different methods, of which we stress the one that best describes the expectations and results:

I bring

  • Good will
  • Little knowledge of environment
  • Medium level knowledge
  • A lot of knowledge and little will
  • Professional knowledge and formal education
  • Lack of knowledge
  • General knowledge of legislation
  • A lot of good will to gain knew knowledge
  • A lot of knowledge on waste
  • My experience in waste management...

I expect

  • New knowledge on waste
  • New acquaintances, mingling, answers to some questions
  • Primarily, fun and socialising with colleagues over well-known subjects, with some knew knowledge
  • New experiences, additional education
  • A field-trip
  • Knowledge necessary to manage and report on special categories of waste
  • A lot of useful information and experience from other colleagues that might make my job at the company easier
  • Detailed information on waste recycling
  • Additional knowledge that will make my job easier...

I take with me

  • A lot of useful information, good company, great instructors, thank you
  • A lot of knew knowledge
  • New knowledge and good contacts
  • Good experience, much-needed explanations received, a lot more knowledge, cooperation with colleagues of whose existence I had no idea
  • Extremely useful written materials, new acquaintances, new visions of some already familiar solutions
  • Complete and improved knowledge of the subject of waste management
  • More confidence regarding future solving of problems
  • Better knowledge of waste management, professional knowledge and explanations
  • A will for further quality work
  • Good and completed knowledge
  • New knowledge, new acquaintances, good will for waste management
  • A lot of useful information and new acquaintances and a lot more...
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