Prof. Sanja Kalambura, PhD

Born and educated in Zagreb. After Vth Gymnasium, she graduated in Chemistry from The Faculty of Science at Zagreb University, and gained a doctorate in Ecoengineering. She passed professional specialisation in Sweden. She has been working for more than 18 years, from the manager of environment protection projects and programs at the Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund to professor at high school and assistant professor. She was part of the negotiation team in pre-accession negotiations regarding the environment protection chapter and, as expert in animal-provenance waste disposal at the Ministry of Environmental Protection; she was also member of numerous environment impact assessment committees, and participated in the creation of the Waste Management Strategy of the Republic of Croatia, Waste Management Plan, and many other implementing regulations.

For full 12 years, she has been passing her knowledge and experience to generations of students through subjects of chemistry, waste management, ecology etc. She holds the following certificates: expert of independent outside periodic assessment of quality assurance in higher education; internal auditor ISO 9001:2008, project management, project contracting according to Fidico, etc.

She has authored and co-authored 8 scientific and expert books, and over 100 other works. She is a permanent reviewer for local and foreign scientific journals, as well as long-time active member and associate of many scientific committees. She is active in the operation of a number of local and foreign association, of which we stress the International Waste Working Group, where she is team member for the development of education programmes in environmentalist issues. She is also active in Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, where she is the head of Waste Management Section.

She is particularly proud of her hobby – she runs the half-marathon.

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